Lincolnshire Pub since the late 90s

Since the late 90’s the Hope Tavern transforms from country pub to one of the smallest, unusual - and unlikely – venues on the UK Blues circuit. With a reputation for its unique atmosphere, it has become a magnet for UK and International touring bands. It attracts acts, including several Grammy nominees and recording artists, comparing with the better known metropolitan clubs.

The diversity of the “Blues” genre covers many styles and to suit all tastes but is always from top quality musicians and performers.

Hope's comfortable lounging area

One of the smallest and most unusual blues venues.

About Hope

Bringing you fine quality food, in a location that is just gorgeous.

Serving the local mine and railway workers since 1850’s, the Hope Tavern continues undaunted – something must be right!

The menu and Real Ales have a distinct emphasis on the fresh, local produce found in this part of the country and is reflected in the wide ranging food and drink choice.


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